Look who just got here!

big mama with her adopted babies

For those of you who have been following our saga of trying to get some baby pigs on the farm, Big Mama was unfortunately not pregnant.  It was our first time to try and raise our own babies, so we were disappointed but not surprised (I’m sure Bailey tried his best).  We’ll give it another shot next year.

Fortunately, we had a backup plan – pigs from Niegocki Farms, which arrived on Saturday!  Six beautiful babies, about eight weeks old.  We kept them separate from Big Mama for a few days, and just put them together today.  They seem to already be following her around, and Big Mama has been gentle with them so far.  We’ll give them a few more days on their winter holding area and then they all go off into the pasture!

Say “hi” if you’re here at the Inn in the next few weeks, otherwise they’ll be out in the back and you’ll need your boots to go visit in person.