Fixing up our new greenhouse!

collapsed greenhouse

Tragedy struck last year (well, in farm terms) when the brutally heavy and wet snowfall caused our greenhouse to collapse.  It was especially frustrating because we had parked our truck and other equipment inside to keep it safe from the storm!

After spending a couple of months tearing it down when we had the time, we have finally moved on to install a new greenhouse, combined with storage space for equipment and room for a shop.

We purchased two high-cube containers, and placed them about 20 feet apart.  We have a greenhouse roof that attaches to them – no way that any wind will be able to blow them around or collapse them!  We will keep our tractor inside, and put the greenhouse remnants back together with a new cover so we can restart our black soldier fly project to compost grains.

As a bonus, we have two dry, protected spaces to make into a workshop / machine shop and free up the old tool shed for the tasting room reopening at Kent Falls Brewing Company.

Wins all around.  Hopefully this phase will be all done this week or early next.

David on the top of the container