The Harvest is Starting!


This is my favorite time of year, when all the hard work in the garden is really starting to pay off in spades.

I just picked my garlic.  It used to last through until February or March, but Anh cooks so much with it that it probably won’t make it to January.  This is fine, because I love garlic (you can’t have too much garlic!)  Also ready are the tomatoes, cucumbers, rau mung, carrots, and a bunch of other vegetables. Even the squash, pumpkins, and watermelons are looking great.

I get to plant more seeds tomorrow for our fall crops – daikon and other goodies, before things start to settling down and I plant my two winter beds.

Unfortunately, raspberries have been terrible so far, so Anh hasn’t been able to make more jam, but hopefully the next month will bring more berries for us.  On the plus side, the blackberries are looking good, although we don’t have that many yet, but next year should be quite bountiful!