Fall Foliage Predictions

Once again, the glorious colors of the fall will be coming to us soon!

fall foliage overhead view

The Washington Post released a Fall Foliage tracker that predicts when the peak of the season will be arriving, based on temperatures, rainfall, and how the summer has gone.

For those of you without a subscription, they expect Litchfield County to be approaching peak around September 27th, and that the best of the colors will be past us by October 11th.  Our little valley microclimate tends to be a little bit cooler than the surroundings, so don’t be surprised if those dates are pulled a few days earlier.

Of course, these are all best-guesses, and unseasonably warm (or cold) weather could move things around quite a bit!  Regardless, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy your stay here regardless of how much Mother Nature cooperates with us.