End Of the Garden Season

It’s that time of year, where the last bits and pieces of the garden are giving up.  I’ve just about finished tidying everything up – next week I’m going to plant garlic for next year.  Garlic seems to grow really well in my garden, and I went off to the Bethlehem Garlic Festival and bought entirely too much seed garlic (probably two full beds worth):

seed garlic

I also finished harvesting all of the squash and pumpkins.  I tried out a new system of growing the vines directly over grass (from little, boxed-in seedlings) and that worked spectacularly well!  No real issues with squash borer or wilt, and a bountiful crop of butternut squash and sugar pumpkins to tide us over this winter (and I’m sure the chickens will get a few also).

pumpkins and squash

I hope everyone else has seen a bountiful harvest from whatever gardens they have in their lives! Anh and I hope to see you up at the Inn, where (if you’re lucky) you’ll get to try some of Anh’s fabulous home-baked bread and maybe even some delicious Vietnamese squash soup.