First Frost!

After an unusually warm October, Mother Nature finally gifted us with a good, hard, frost.  Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to bother the chickens too much:

chicken chores

They are continuing to produce a bounty (maybe not quite as bountiful) of fresh eggs for our breakfasts and baking.  The hawk netting is making them feel a bit safer and more comfortable after a rough summer of predator pressure.  Soon we will be moving them to their winter quarters, hanging out with Big Mama, Oreo, and Ginger over by the solar array towards the hop yard.

Feel free to say “hi” to them when you are here for a stay.  If you want to give them a tasty snack, just clear it with Anh or David first.  Goats should stick with veggies only, and we avoid giving chicken to the chickens and pork to the pork.