It’s a Sign!

But not that kind of sign.

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback that it’s hard to find us, especially at night.  So, I’ve been working on getting a sign for the Inn, and I’m excited that it’s finally put together and installed!  I took down the old sign for Camps Road Farm (which is been subsumed by the brewery), cleaned it up, and painted it.  I ordered letters from an online service, glued them on, and did a few coats of poly to protect it from the sun.  Hopefully the letters won’t fall off…otherwise I’ll be tracking down a brad nailer to put them on more permanently.

our new sign

I even put in some solar lights for both The Cozy Inn and Kent Falls Brewing Company.  As long as your GPS is programmed and working, you won’t drive by and miss your turn, even in the dead of night.