Unusual Arrival…

I was feeding our chickens this morning, and one of the roosters was being a little more aggressive than usual (keep in mind, this is “aggressive” on the chicken scale, which means I was basically ignoring his attempts to protect his ladies from me).  But as I looked around, idly looking at the flock, that we had not two roosters…but somehow three.

barred rock rooster

This handsome gentleman, what appears to be a male barred-rock, was strutting around.

As a farmer, I am accustomed to losing the occasional animal due to predation, illness, or bad luck.  This is the first time I have had one appear, unexpectedly.  Not sure how it happened, but looking at possibilities:

  • Divine miracle;
  • Jurassic Park-like sexual flipping of one of our barred-rock hens;
  • Drive-by delivery of an unwanted rooster.

Personally I am going with the last, there…