Brrr….  🥶

We got our first really cold weather of the season this week!  It got down to -17C with a -25C wind chill.  That’s officially chilly by any measure.  For those speaking in Fahrenheit, that works out to about zero with a -10F wind chill.  It was a rough morning doing chores, that’s for sure!

icy dock in the lake

I broke out the skates and took a little spin on the pond, since the ice was so thick (and pretty smooth, all things considered).  I found our floating dock that had gone AWOL – it wedged itself in the reeds over in the shallow section of the pond.

beaver lodge

I also said “hi” to the beavers in the local lodge.  I assume the little pests are all hibernating, because they haven’t been able to dump stuff all over the emergency spillway for me to clean up.  I really enjoy watching the beavers work, I just don’t enjoy having to clean up after them to make sure our cute little pond doesn’t overflow and collapse the dam, flooding out our neighbors!

If you come visit and have skates, you can take a little spin on the pond yourself! It’s gotten a bit warm and soupy today, but hopefully the sleet and drizzle with Zamboni the pond flat again.  It’s really a lot of fun to skate out in the open air rather than a rink, even if it’s pretty cold!