Wasp Nest!

I noticed this little gem in the trees over by The Apartment in the fall.  The winds yesterday finally knocked it down:

wasp nest

I have a pretty laissez faire attitude when it comes to creatures of all kinds on the property:

  • Leave me alone, and…
  • …I’ll leave you alone

There are really only a couple of exceptions.  First, if you happen to be an invasive, then I will take great glee in tearing you out of the ground / sky / water and destroying you.  And, if you happen to be the kind of insect that stings, I will try to relocate you elsewhere.

Paper wasps are pretty aggressive on the farm, so I will knock them down if they are in a doorway or right next to people.  If they are out and about, then I will leave them alone.  Most insects serve an important role in pollination, as a food source, or otherwise supporting the local ecosystem.  Plus…I mean, just look at the size of this thing!  Amazing that wasps can build this with nothing more than wood and spit.