Brrr….  🥶

Brrr....  🥶 We got our first really cold weather of the season this week!  It got down to -17C with a -25C wind chill.  That's officially chilly by any measure.  For those speaking in Fahrenheit, that works out to about zero with a -10F wind chill.  It was a rough morning doing chores, that's for sure! I broke out the skates and took a little spin on the pond, since the ice was so thick (and pretty smooth, all things considered).  I found our floating dock that had gone AWOL - it wedged itself in the reeds over [...]

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! Anh and I don't need to tell everyone what a crazy year this has been - we are all doing our best to muddle through it. It's been hard on the restaurant, hospitality, and healthcare businesses across the board. We know that we are fortunate to be healthy and safe, but our hearts go out to those who are not quite so lucky. 2021 can only be an improvement. We look forward to reopening the Inn and welcoming guests to our lovely little spot on the farm soon. Until then, be thankful for what you have [...]

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