Egg Collection

Egg Collection As those of you who have stayed know, we have a flock of hens that lay the most tasty, colorful, eggs.  Part of afternoon chores is stopping by the henhouse and collecting the eggs.  On Friday, however, I had a bit of a surprise when I opened up the nestboxes: Apparently this guy figured out how to meander into the henhouse and take a nice little nap.  Probably after he helped himself to an egg or two for lunch. Some animals, like raccoons or foxes, are problematic - they tend to wreak havoc on the [...]

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Brrr….  🥶

Brrr....  🥶 We got our first really cold weather of the season this week!  It got down to -17C with a -25C wind chill.  That's officially chilly by any measure.  For those speaking in Fahrenheit, that works out to about zero with a -10F wind chill.  It was a rough morning doing chores, that's for sure! I broke out the skates and took a little spin on the pond, since the ice was so thick (and pretty smooth, all things considered).  I found our floating dock that had gone AWOL - it wedged itself in the reeds over [...]

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